// Fit for World Cup 2018 – on a visit to the sports capital



Under the slogan “Fit for World Cup 2018 – on a visit to the sports capital” the representatives of the capital city administration will talk about their own experience and the level of readiness of Moscow city and the Moscow Region for the upcoming championships in various sports disciplines and for the World Cup in 2018. Moscow Football Federation will cover the potential and prospects of the capital’s football life. Special attention will be given to the active promotion of healthy lifestyles. NGO representatives will refer to the initiatives on facilitating the mass sports and current programs.

The Conference, which is arranged under the direct participation of the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce and the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ), assumes a number of thematic speeches and podium discussions involving the representatives of Russian and German business communities as well as the representatives of executive power bodies from different cities and states. The Agenda includes the issues of construction and use of sports infrastructure, the tools of social and economic development for the city-organizers of major sports events, opportunities and impulses that these cities get for their sustainable development. 

What problems are to be faced, what things are usually overlooked, and what things in particular are to be paid attention to – all these items will be covered by the representatives of the host cities in Germany for the FIFA World Cup in 2006 and the FIFA Women's World Cup in 2011. Among the guests, who share their experience, are supposed to be the representatives of the German Football Association, the local organizing committees and regional football federations of Germany.
The atmosphere of the sports festival and a true competition spirit will be provided by the international tournament on mini-football among pupils aged 12 to 14 years. Eight amateur teams based in Moscow and foreign schools, located in the territory of Moscow, try their hand in the open air at “Spartak.” The fans of women's football will not be left on the sidelines. The pupils will enjoy the variety of sponsors’ gifts, sightseeing tour around the newest stadium, recreational activities attracting volunteers of the International Union of German culture and the awards ceremony on the field with the participation of professional football players.

The purpose of the event is to establish an international platform for the friendly and constructive dialogue, exchange of experience and the strengthening of social and professional contacts.

The meeting at the stadium “Opening Arena” is not only an unforgettable holiday for anyone who loves and appreciates the sport, but also is a platform for search of business contacts and partners, exchange of views, the continuation (or up-growth) of the dialogue between the two countries for the benefit of global development, promoting healthy lifestyle and inclusion into the sport.

PROGRAMM (Stand 21.06.2015) (DEU, pdf, 287 kb)

TEILNEHMERLISTE des Kinder-Fußballturniers (DEU, doc, 1,28 Mb)

SZENARIO des Kinder-Fußballturniers (DEU, doc, 1,28 Mb)


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